Zombies you Idiot!

they are zombies you idiot, comic

Zombies you Idiot, what else would they be?

I’ve been dealing with a bunch of zombie things lately, games movies, tv,and books and you know what? Every single time they try to explain the story of how zombies came to be and then the outbreak and everyone, EVERYONE, is like why did my brother just try to attack me? I just saw him die and then come back to life. What are they!? Well, they’re zombies. Literally for a documented 400 years, zombies have been around in some way or another, pop culture for the last 40ish, and lately it seems like you can’t go outside of your rock without having some sort of zombie reference. We all know what they are. You don’t have to make up a clever name or be confused. They are zombies. So whenever it does happen, I’ll be ready! Any hopefully my guest artist will be as well! Get ready for zombies in this week’s comic: Zombies you Idiot!

This week’s comic was completed when my pitiful cries for help were answered. I am out of the country for several weeks so he offered to fill some of the gaps. If anyone else is interested in donating a story or collaboration, just let me know on facebook or twitter. In the meantime, check out some more comics and then go over to Ryan Roger’s sites and like, rt or do whatever else you do when you social media!

Check out his comic site at www.schickens.blogspot.ca called “Spring Chickens”,
his Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/SpringChickenCapers
and Twitter account @RogersRyan22 Be sure to give him as well as me all the fake acknowledgement you can afford. He’s got some cool stuff to check out.

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